I began my new life eating healthy and eating right Jan. 16, 2013. To see that part of my journey, click here.



Date          Week       Total

1/6               +0.6               +0.6 (Super encouraging…)

1/13             -3.4               -2.8

1/20              -1.4               -4.2

1/27               -3                  -7.2

2/3                 -1.6               -8.8

2/10               -0.6               -9.4

2/17              -2.2               -11.6

2/24              +2                 -9.6 (End of Shred #1)




4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Very inspiring! This is great and it seems you are doing it the right way. Good luck to you to hit all of your goals. I look forward to watching you hit them.

    1. Thank you!!! The blog is very therapeutic — almost like going to see a shrink without the co-pay 😉 It has connect to other people that are going through the same things I am and that is a HUGE help.

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