Day 3 — Why am I not skinny yet?

Three days down — eating right and working out, and I am still not skinny. Honestly, it’s rude. I have put in a solid three hours in the gym in the last two days yet no progress can be seen. Malarkey.

All kidding aside, I have doing pretty well the last few days — which are always the hardest. Despite a busy schedule, I have gotten to the gym, and have no excuse not to tonight. I have eaten well (although I do sneak the occasional chocolate covered pomegranate from the jar on a coworkers desk from time to time. But I’m OK with it.

As most who are reading this know, I have done a LOT of diets over the years. They all work to varying degrees. I have tried Atkins, Keto, strict meal plans, low fat, basically if there is a weight loss plan out there, I have probably tried it. And yes, they all work.

In general, as long as you are burning more calories than you are taking in, you will lose weight — so that’s what I am working on. I also know that my macros will help determine how quickly I will lose the weight, so over the next couple months I will be trying to narrow down what that breakdown will look like.

In all of my experimentation I have done with healthy eating and working out, I have discovered that one thing doesn’t work for me — a super strict diet with no wiggle room. Now let me clarify what I mean. When I followed that diet, I did lose weight, quite a bit in a short timeframe. For me though, it just wasn’t sustainable. I need a lifestyle change where 90% of the time I eat well, but there is some wiggle room. Does this mean I will lose weight more slowly? Probably. But hopefully it will allow me to stick to it, and not fall off the wagon completely.

What are some diet tips and tricks you have found works for you?


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