Very aggravating

All week I have done well on my diet and I had a couple REALLY good workouts at the gym (good to the point that I have barely been able to move for the last two days). I stepped on the scale today expecting to see a good number. What did I see? Plus four. Seriously???

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Babysitting: A workout, and then some

Operation wear the kid out was a huge success, and I'm still going strong.
Operation wear the kid out was a huge success, and I’m still going strong.

I don’t know why, but  have had a really time getting motivated for the last couple weeks. I don’t have a gym membership at the moment, but there really hasn’t been much reason (except for a few rainy days) for me not to go on a walk. Yesterday I finally found some motivation and went on a walk/run. I hate having to see the same scenery twice on a walk, so I took off after the clouds cleared and called my parents after about 3.7 miles to have them come pick me up.

Today I really got a workout. Want to lose weight? Chase an almost two-year-old around for a day.

I spent the day today babysitting for a friend. He is a SUPER sweet kid and is very easy to deal with as long as he is having fun. He likes to have fun at about 30 mph — this kept me on my toes for much of the day chasing him around. (It also didn’t leave me with much time to eat, which is an added bonus.

Moore State Park.
Moore State Park.

In the afternoon we went on a walk in the park. After wrestling with the stroller for about 15 minutes — literally, I had to resort to YouTube on my phone to figure out how to unfold the dang stroller. Not my finest moment, but I won in the end. (My friend told me it was really easy to work, just take it out of the car and unfold it. She lied).

The kid and I walked three times around one of the area parks, which added up to 3.2 miles. Not as far as I would have liked, but I had killer blisters from wearing the wrong shoes yesterday, and walking with the stroller was a little more of a workout than I expected it to be.

After my friend got home, the three of us went up to Moore Park, which is one of my new favorite places in Massachusetts. We went on a short hike to see several waterfalls and it was absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to go back again for a longer walk next time.

I’m hoping to keep working out for the rest of the week and see the scale go down a couple numbers this Saturday, it seems to be stuck.

Moore State Park.
Moore State Park.
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Attack of the three-day-old pizza


I can follow my healthy eating routine no problem until around 8 p.m. Without fail, as soon as the clock strikes eight-ish, the munchies attack. I want to eat everything in sight (and maybe go to the store for more).

Today I found out I’m not the only one with this problem.

Here is the CliffsNotes version of a conversation between me and one of my best friends today. (Note: Names have been changed to protect the munchy.)

Kimmy: Help! David just caught me shoveling three day old pizza into my mouth and I wasn’t even hungry, I was just in the kitchen. Whan can I do about the eight o’clock problem???

Me: Pour dish soap on it! (Learned that from Sex and the City, you know, the one where Miranda makes a cake for herself, throws it out, then proceeds to eat it out of the trash can. Pouring dish soap put an end to that). I wish I knew what to do about it, that’s my biggest problem too!

Kimmy: Let’s brainstorm and then you should blog about it. (Great idea by the way) I’m thinking of learning how to knit. Or perhaps some other craft. Cross stitching? Starting a Pinterest board… “Pinning so I don’t overeat”

Me: Love it!

Kimmy: Clean. Organize — You’re not helping with ideas.

Me: Drink! Paint.

Kimmy: Shock collar.

Me: Those are only for dogs and kids. How bout a rubber band around your wrist?

Kimmy: lol, Kids?

Me: Yeah, I’m going to be a terrible mom.

Kimmy: Juggle. A hobby… jewelry making.

Me: Color in your daughter’s coloring books.

Kimmy: Color, I love it.

So, while Kimmy is off coloring in all of her daughter’s coloring books, I want to ask for all of your help. Do you get the post-dinner munchies? If so, what do you do to beat it?


ALMOST 60 pounds!

OK happy face_fullI was a little bummed yesterday when I realized I only lost 5 pounds in May. With all the life changes I have gone through in the last month, I set a goal not to GAIN any weight. After I remembered that, when I realized I lost 5 more pounds than I expected, I was much happier with myself.

I was through the roof excited when I got up this morning and weighed myself and saw I lost an additional 4.8 pounds last week. WooHoo!!!

Now THAT’s a great way to start a weekend. My grand total for the year is 59.5. EEEKKK!!!!!

For a day my mom has been saying I look skinnier than last week. I told her she was crazy — maybe I should have believed her!

Happy weekend everyone!