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Time to shop

Pretty, ain't it.
Pretty, ain’t it.

First off, good news, my ankle isn’t broken! Just a bad sprain. I have been wearing the brace for two days now and it is slowly starting to feel better. When I take the brace off I can feel my ankle start to wobble, so I am not going to take my chances.

More good news. It was about 85 degrees here today, to celebrate the (temporary) arrival of warm temps,  I had to wear capris. Most of my clothes are too big for me now, but I have a couple items that are too small I put on from time to time to measure my progress. One of the items of clothing is a pair of khaki colored capri pants. I put them on today, and they fit! No Denim Dance required.

After I move home and find a job, a trip to the mall is definitely going to be in order. Thank god my mom is a great seamstress, I am hoping she will be able to take in some of the clothes that are too big.

I’ll try to remember to take a picture and post it by the end of the week!

Tomorrow it is back to the gym to spend some quality time with the recumbent bike until my ankle is better and can hit the treadmill again!


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