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Busy, busy, busy!


When I first started this healthy lifestyle I told people that if they saw my blog posts get less frequent (or stop all together) that I had probably fallen off the wagon and they needed to come drag me out of the nearest McDonalds — ASAP.

I haven’t posted in a couple days and I got texts from two people asking me if I needed a McIntervention (thanks guys). I am happy to report that I am still doing well, I have just been INSANELY busy.

Between working like crazy, hitting the gym and packing to move halfway across the country in two weeks, I have been too busy to blog much. At least I am not slacking off (too much) at the gym.

Counting down till the Color Run Saturday. I’m pretty excited! The more positive stories I read from other bloggers and friends, the more excited I get.

I’ll admit, I am a little disappointed in myself that I am not to the point I wanted to be with my fitness. I wanted to be able to run the whole 5K by Saturday, but several weeks ago, I realize that wasn’t going to be even close to happening. I redid my goal to be to run the first mile of the Color Run. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen either.

I am trying not to get too down on myself. Even though I am not improving as fast as I would like, I am still improving. Look for the positive in life!


4 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. Hey, you are out there doing it, and that’s what matters! Seriously, you are moving, becoming more healthy, and burning calories.. it doesn’t matter how fast you’re doing it. You have so much to be proud of yourself for!

  2. first of all STOP IT!!! You can totally run the first mile!!! Usually its so packed with everyone starting the race you can’t go at a good clip anyways…plus with the cheering…music and adrenaline you will be fine!! Just shoot high… go until you physically can’t and know that the longer you jog the more caloriess you are burning! I have a 5K race coming up May 11th and each time my only goal is to not walk. I don’t focus on the time or speed, or even miles…I just focus and try to do it…I know you are starting out and you need your own goals but push yourself and you’ll be shocked!!!

    so excited to see you soon and maybe set the “don’t walk” goal for the one we all do in July together….Does that help?? All I’m saying is if you say you can’t do a mile you won’t…just try it ;o) love you!!!!

  3. ps. you were in my dream last night…random and it involved me taking my ear plugs out…even more strange but you looked great!!!

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