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Beautiful day for a walk

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It was a beautiful day today, so I decided to skip the gym and do my cardio outside. The city I live in is very walker/biker friendly so I went to check out one of the dozens of trails. download-2

I chose the Deible Loop, a nice flat trail on the southern side of the city. It is nicely paved and has a river running along side of the trail for much of the trip.

It was only 1.75 miles, so I planned on hitting the gym for some strength training afterward.

I was walking at a pretty quick pace, but the 1.75 mile loop seemed to be taking a really, really long time. Eventually I came across a 1.75 mile marker and new I had to have taken a wrong turn at some point and was on a different part of the trail. I eventually made my way back to the car in 50 (ish) minutes.

It was more than twice as far as I planned on walking, and it felt good! If my shoes hadn’t made my feet sore, I could have easily kept going — a nice change from barely being able to finish walking a 5K just over a month ago.

After going back and mapping my walk on the computer, it said I walked 3.46 miles. Not too shabby. I’ll definitely do that trail again (and probably try some others.) But next time I am going to take my dog, Duke.

Fun little markers telling you how far you've traveled — as long as you stay on the right trail.
Fun little markers telling you how far you’ve traveled — as long as you stay on the right trail.

When I got home from the walk, I immediately got to work getting ready for my upcoming move. I am really getting excited about it, but there is a LOT to do before moving day in the middle of May. I managed to thin my closet of two garbage bags of clothes that are too big for me (hooray!)

I dropped them off at the Community Partnership, a local non-profit resale shop that uses the funds to give back to the community. The walking trail today was one of their projects.

It feels great to be able to get rid of all those clothes, knowing they will never fit me again!

Goodbye bags of big clothes!
Goodbye bags of big clothes!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful day for a walk

  1. Hi!!! Congrats on losing over 40lbs!!!! I want to respond every day to you i love reading your posts!!! Yes get rid of the too big clothes its very exciting!! Keep up the great work i love you!!!!

  2. Nice bags… I’m about to start bagging some stuff myself! I’m too afraid of getting of them just yet lol… so I’m going to store them away for now and then get rid of them as I go! Great job!

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