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Step ouch, step ouch, step ouch


I have laughed at the above photo many times before. Today, I totally get it.

Yesterday I wrote about how great I was doing on the Couck25K program. I was majorly pumped up over finishing Week 2, Day 1. That enthusiasm carried over to this morning’s trip to the gym.

I hopped up on the treadmill this morning and figured, “hey, this went so well yesterday, let’s give it a go again today.”

It went great. Even only one day later, I felt better and stronger doing Week 2 Day 2. I made it through 1.9 miles in 31 minutes (up from 1.85 miles yesterday ā€” baby steps). I felt great, less tired than I was after I did the program yesterday. I hopped on the bike and 7.71 miles – up from 7.42 yesterday.

While riding, I was thinking “I don’t know why Couch 25K recommends a day off between runs, I feel great ā€” I’m doing this again tomorrow!”

I… am an idiot.

Twelve hours later I am hobbling around like a 70-year-old ex-baseball catcher. My knees get super sore when I even THINK about attempting a flight of stairs.

From here on out, I am going to take that day off between workouts.

Tomorrow it’s all bicycle to rest the knees. Hopefully they’ll be better by Thursday to try Week 2, Day 3!

Now where did I put that ice pack…



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