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You have SUCH a pretty face


If only I could instantly lose a pound for every time someone has said to me, “You have SUCH a pretty face,” I would be light as a feather — literally.

If you’ve ever said that to an overweight girl/woman, I can GUARANTEE you this is what they heard:

“You have such a pretty face, if only you were thinner.”

You may not have meant it that way, but it doesn’t matter.

All my life I knew I wasn’t ugly, but I could never call myself pretty. That’s what happens when you’ve never been anything but overweight — you let your weight define who you are. I’ve learned to hide behind it, to blame the fat for my problems.

I think there was a part of me that was afraid to lose the weight. When things went wrong in my life, when people didn’t like me, when I got dumped by a guy, it was easy to blame the extra pounds. That was better than the alternative — having to wonder if there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I would get depressed about my weight, which would lead me to eat, which would make me gain weight and get more depressed. It is a vicious, vicious cycle.

I let other people’s opinions of me be too much a part of my self worth.

In the last couple months I have told myself I don’t care what other people think. I Just keep telling myself if someone has a problem with me, it isn’t my problem, it was theirs. At first I didn’t believe it, but as time goes on, I find myself believing in my words more and more. I am hoping that change in my mindset will help me along this journey.

There is just something that feels different about this try at losing weight. I think in the past I have done it for others. This time I am doing it for myself.

Hopefully that will make all the difference.

Hopefully someday someone will tell me I have such a pretty face and I won’t hear the subtext.

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Pushing on


I DID NOT want to go to the gym today. At all.

By the time I got out of work today my whole body was stiff and sore from yesterday’s workout, I was tired, grumpy and hungry. All I wanted to do was grab a pizza and veg out in front of the TV with my dog.

I didn’t, I sucked it up and went to the gym. Forty-five minutes on the bike, 15 on the elliptical and 20 minutes lifting weights, I am glad I did. Not only did I meet my daily goal of burning 1,000 calories at the gym, I burned off 1,477 calories. (But who’s counting). Not only that, I feel 100 times better than I did when I got out of work.

I also opted for a dinner of salmon, cauliflower and spinach — no pizza here.

That’s not to say I will never have a slice of pizza again. I get one ‘cheat’ day a week. That’s my day off from diet and exercise. So far, even on my cheat days, I have been pretty good. The thought of undoing the work I have done has kept me from going crazy.

Even during the week I tell myself I can cheat if I want. But I have to count the calories — and work them off in the gym later. A calorie means nothing to me, I can’t see it and it’s hard for me to measure.

Here is what I know:

1 slice of pizza = 300 calories OR 20 minutes on the elliptical

10 piece chicken McNuggets w/medium fries = 840 calories OR 100 minutes on the treadmill

Think you’re being good by ordering the Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad from Applebee’s? Think again. 1,240 calories OR almost THREE HOURS lifting weights. Who has time for that? Not me.

Hopefully this new way of looking at food — measured my minutes in the gym rather than only by calories — will help me make healthy choices in the future.

(keep in mind calorie counts are approximate and the time it takes to burn calories doing a particular activity depends on your age, weight, and sex).

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Small success

Being 5’11” I have a hard time finding pants long enough. Being overweight and 5’11” I have a REALLY hard time finding pants that fit right and are long enough.

A couple weeks ago my grandmother found a few pairs of pants she thought I would like (a few being 13 pairs). She bought them and sent them to me (gotta love going out of business sales). Of the 13 pairs, even though they were talls, about 5 pairs were too short, so out the door they went. There were three pairs that were too tight. I could probably have gotten them to work, but I wouldn’t have been uncomfortable all day and they certainly wouldn’t have looked good.

Today I figured I would try a pair just to see if they were any looser.

I’m comfortably wearing them to work today. 🙂

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself.

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Eating right


The first thing I decided to change was my diet. I wanted to learn how to eat healthy so I could not only lose weight, but keep it off for the long run.

First, I cut out all fast food. That was one of the hard things. I knew how bad it was for me, but after working a long day at work, the last thing I wanted to do was spend half an hour making dinner. It was so much easier — and cheaper — to stop at one of the dozen fast food places in town.

I also stopped drinking milk. I love milk, always have, but I never realized how high in calories it was. I’ve never really been a big soda drinker, so I cut that out completely. I only drink water now. If plain water gets boring, I add a little bid of Mio, my favorite is the Blueberry Lemonade flavor.21XMhDrsQxL._SL500_AA300_

One thing that has really been helping is writing down everything I am eating. Every. Last. Thing. The Anytime Health app that comes with my Anytime fitness membership is great for helping keep track of not only calories, but all sorts of other nutrition information as well. It breaks down your food intake for the day into fat, protein and carbs, and tells you what you need to eat more or less of. It also keeps track of sodium, fiber, cholesterol, etc.  I found that I eat a lot more sodium than I should. I had no idea how much sodium is in almost all prepackaged foods. It’s unbelievable.

I try not to let myself get hungry over the course of the day, so I am pretty much eating all day. Every day I eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, two afternoon snack (one mid afternoon, the other an hour before I go to the gym) then dinner.

I’ve found that eating more small meals and snacks keeps me from getting hungry.

Eating breakfast every day is taking some getting used to. I never really have before. In the past I never really ate until mid- or late-afternoon. By then I would be famished and want to eat everything in sight. Not a good plan.

So far this seems to be working well for me. I have lost 15 pounds so far this year. Only (only???) 85 more to go.


Big results take big changes


I’ve been a member at Anytime Fitness for about a year. I’ve managed to go about once a month. Not sure what kind of results I expected from that, but clearly it didn’t help.

As the editor of a newspaper, I have a pretty crazy schedule. I never know what I am going to be doing from day to day — when I am going to be going to work, or when I am going to get out of work, so having a gym that is open 24 hours a day is pretty important to me. That way I can’t use ‘they gym is closed’ as an excuse.

I have promised myself I am going to get some kind of exercise in AT LEAST five days a week, hopefully more. So far I have stuck to that promise pretty well. I am not seeing any changes in what my body looks like yet, but I am feeling the changes in my body already. I feel more fit, have more energy and my stamina is definitely improving.

Today I did 45 minutes on the recumbent bike and 15 minutes on the elliptical. I was tired after the workout, but it was a good tired. Only two weeks ago there was no chance I could have done what I did today. It felt great.

One thing about me, I hate running. I mean I really HATE running. I’ve decided it is time for me to get over that though. Tonight I signed up for my first 5K. The race, called the Color Run  is at the end of April in St. Louis. I am going to start training for it. Hopefully by the end of April I will have lost enough weight and built up my stamina to the point where I can run the entire race. Even if I only walk it, I will be proud of myself as long as I finish it.

I’ve been told that running 5Ks can be really addictive. I hope that’s accurate. Someday I would like to complete a Warrior Dash. Baby steps for now though. I think the Color Run is a good, fun place to start.

Right now I wear a XXL t-shirt. I only ordered a XL shirt from the race website. I have 13 weeks to fit into it.


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Overweight people make a lot of excuses about how they get that way. Life is stressful, they’re too busy to exercise and eat right, it runs in the family. There is a myriad of excuses people use, but in the end, it all comes down to eating too much and not exercising enough.

I would know, I have been overweight my entire life. But that’s going to change.

A couple weeks ago I came down with bronchitis which led to a trip to the doctor. I had to do what every fat person dreads, step on a scale. I was saddened and embarrassed at the number that popped up. How did I let myself get to this point? That was the moment I decided I needed to make some serious life changes.

I have set a goal of losing 100 pounds in 2013. A daunting number, but if I break it down, that’s only 2 pounds a week. When you put it that way, it seems much more reasonable.

I have tried about all the fad diets out there, Atkins, SlimFast, Nutrisystem, Medifast, you name it, I’ve probably tried it. They all worked for a little while, but I inevitably gave up and put on all the weight I lost — and then some.

This time is going to be different. I am going to take the weight off by eating right and exercising more. This means the weight won’t come off as fast, but with enough hard work, hopefully it will come off — and stay off.

I am going to update this blog daily with my progress, workouts, healthy recipes and things that inspire me. I hope doing so will help keep me motivated and accountable. Hopefully I will be able to inspire others along my journey.

I really hate this picture of myself, but you know what they say — a picture is worth a thousand words.
I really hate this picture of myself, but you know what they say — a picture is worth a thousand words.